As a seasoned athlete, but a rookie triathlete Sam at Volt Movement built a 12 week Ironman training program that was not overwhelming, but completely pushed me beyond what I thought I was capable of doing in such a short amount of time. My progression was evident every single week. Whenever I had questions or needed more clarity, Sam was always quick to respond and helped me understand the process. I was held accountable to my workouts and supported along the way, even when frustrated. Although my main race was cancelled this season, Volt encouraged me to keep progressing and I was able to achieve the longest ride of my life (122 miles), complete a 50 mile running challenge in 48 hours, and improve my swim times and distances while becoming more comfortable in the water. Not to mention, I was able to stay injury free as a result of the balanced program made for my ability. I look forward to continuing to work with Volt in preparation for my postponed Ironman 140.6 in August 2021.


I cannot recommend Volt Movement enough! I ran my PR in the 5K in 2017 (19:11) and have struggled with injuries since. I honestly thought my PR days were well behind me. Volt Movement, and in particular Sam Hegedus, put a stellar 5K training program together custom for me. Let's have the results speak for themselves:
20 weeks ago: 5K in 21:53
14 weeks ago: 5K in 19:57
Last Saturday: 5K in 19:07 (new PR!)
Sam is also an incredible motivator and coach to get where you want to be. We always say 'trust the program' and that is exactly what I did. I trusted the program and support from the Volt Movement team and crushed my goal.
Here's to the next PR!
Thank you Volt Movement!!


Sam provided me with an excellent program including running and strengthening components. She really pushed and supported me. I was close to breaking a nearly 8 year old PR in the 10k. And I’m no youngster! I think had the weather been a little cooler, I could have done it. I highly recommend Volt Movement if you want a dynamic, professional and supportive run coach! I will seriously consider doing this again come cooler weather! I not a summer runner....


Big big fan of Volt Movement! I am currently training for my first triathlon and needed a coach to show me the ropes and provide me with a training program so that I don’t overdo it and injure myself, or under-train and be in over my head on race day. Sam is both a certified USA Triathlon Coach AND a licensed Physical Therapist, so she is really knowledgeable about training progression, injury prevention, training through an old injury, and proper biomechanics for swimming, cycling, and running. VM is located in Durham, North Carolina, but offers both in-person coaching sessions and remote coaching. I’m living in Durham right now, but for the first half of my training I was located in Pittsburgh, PA, so I’ve gotten to experience both remote coaching and in person coaching - they are both great! Here’s how the process has worked for me so far:

- I got in touch with VM about 4 months prior to my race date, when I was still in Pittsburgh.
- I had a video call with Sam to go over my training & race goals.
- Sam designed a training program for me that told me which days to swim/run/bike/strength train, at what intensity, when to train intervals vs. pace, etc.
- I’ve since moved to Durham and have had several coaching sessions with Sam in the water, on the bike, and in the weight room.
- I am now one month out from my race date. My running pace and distance are the best they’ve ever been, I am more confident and knowledgable about my biking strategy, and I feel really good going into my last month of training!

Overall, Volt Movement offers a really high quality coaching experience as demonstrated by the owner’s knowledge of the sport, clear and accessible communication, and enthusiasm for coaching athletes to perform at their best. I definitely recommend VM for anyone who is interested in getting into the sport of triathlon, or for any triathletes who want to up their performance.